7 Days to Die – [OZ.NZ] Rawhope Features

PVE Only

We run a popular server based off vanilla settings but with an intelligent bot that offers a high level of player interaction, base protection, revival, punishment of cheaters and killers in PVE zones and a virtual economy used to teleport around.

We’ve built a strong, incredibly helpful community and you will feel right at home! Come try us out, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

  • Server: oz.nz
  • Port: 25010


  • 7DTD Vanilla settings but with an awesome bot to punish cheaters or player killers.
  • Market for Player Vending Machines and a /lobby for newbies
  • Base protection feature to prevent griefing
  • Virtual economy (earned by killing zombies)
  • Heaps of extra commands: /who, /wallet, /pack, /base. Type /help in-game for all commands!
  • Live Map
  • Hacker protection and hourly server backups!

Minecraft – Features


Minecraft Vanilla server with some additional command block features.

If you’re a nice person, you’re welcome to join us 😉

Use the contact form at the bottom and request whitelist access by providing your exact in-game Minecraft name and email address.

  • Server: oz.nz
  • Port: 25565


  • White List Only – Please email minecraft@pcfixit.co.nz to apply to be added.
  • Family Friendly – no swearing or vulgar talk and no griefing. Respect other players (believe me, we enforce this).
  • Teleporting between players (using carpets!)
  • You get to pick whether your play style is PvE or PvP and will be regioned with like minded players.
  • Friendly admins if you need assistance

Want to support OZ.NZ…aaand get some extra features like an additional base and waypoint teleport?

If you are unable to get answers to your questions in-game or via Discord (and the “Avoid Contact” danger sign doesn’t scare you), please feel free to use the form below: