Minecraft – Features


Minecraft Vanilla server with some additional command block features.

If you’re a nice person, you’re welcome to join us 😉

Use the contact form at the bottom and request whitelist access by providing your exact in-game Minecraft name and email address.

  • Server: oz.nz
  • Port: 25565


  • White List Only – Please email minecraft@pcfixit.co.nz to apply to be added.
  • Family Friendly – no swearing or vulgar talk and no griefing. Respect other players (believe me, we enforce this).
  • Teleporting between players (using carpets!)
  • You get to pick whether your play style is PvE or PvP and will be regioned with like minded players.
  • Friendly admins if you need assistance

If you are unable to get answers to your questions in-game or via Discord (and the “Avoid Contact” danger sign doesn’t scare you), please feel free to use the form below: