Donate to OZ.NZ

Thank you for your consideration to donate to [OZ.NZ]


You are donating to support the server, not for features. The features are provided as a ‘Thank You’.

Being a donor does not give you any more rights or privileges over other players. You’ll still be treated the same.

Donate based on past experiences and the fun you had on OZ.NZ, not the future.

We will try our best to update your status to donor within 24 hours, but this server is second priority to our personal lives and we will not get up in the middle of the night to fix issues.

  • $5 NZD will get you 1 month ($10 is 2 months, $15 is 3.. etc) of additional bot features
  • $30 NZD (6 months) is the maximum you should donate.

We appreciate any amount above that, but extra time will NOT be added to your account.

Since it’s a donation, no refunds will be given.

Remember to ‘Enter Player Name’ on the PayPal and Coin Payments website, otherwise we won’t know who donated! Click the button below if you forgot.

Features Description In-Game Commands
Additional Base One additional base and protection /setbase2, /protect2, /base2
Waypoints Set two waypoints that you can teleport to or link them to create a portal. Type ‘/help waypoints’
Additional Gimmies 15 gimmes (instead of 10) Type ‘/gimme’ in game
Decreased Base Cooldown Half the cool down time on a /base teleport Type ‘/base’ or ‘/base2’
‘Who’ Command Reports who is around you. Donors can see 300 metres Type ‘/who’

If you’re experiencing any technical difficulty donating or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: